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Friday, May 30, 2008

Tackling tricky questions from your children (Parenting tip)

Have you ever had your little one’s ask you questions that makes you bit uncomfortable and guilty? Why do they even ask such questions to begin with? I am not a child psychologist to give you the answers that you would expect from your doctor but I’ll share what I would in such situations.

If you’ve purchased something (lets a pair of sandals) for the younger child, did you ever have your older one ask you “Why only for him/ her and why not me also”? or all of a sudden one of your child ask you “Do you love mom more than me”?

I simply see the need for attention in these questions and I answer them accordingly. In sandals example, we simply explain that the younger one’s sandals are worn out and the older one’s sandals are just fine and that’s why we didn’t buy it. We make it a point to let the older child know immediately that we never ever love one child more than the other and it is not necessary to ask such comparative questions again. About the mom, my answer will always be “MOM” because without mom, there are no children.
Basically you need to answer them honestly (with explanations) without beating around the bush. Sometimes parents tend to answer what the kids like to hear but our kids are much smarter than we would like to give them credit for and they can interpret differently and that could end up being detrimental to their overall well being.


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