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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Children & Computers (Parenting tip)

My child is ready for a computer. Knowing about the dangers of computers, what can I do to protect my child?

Internet is a double edge sword. On one side it can be used to chop fruits and on the other it can used to chop lives. Before you succumb to the pressures of getting a computer for your child, make sure that there are few boundaries that are set on stone and not on water.

Be absolutely convinced that your child needs a computer. Talk to your child’s teacher at school, other parents and most importantly your child. If you’re convinced that it is time for your child to have a computer, you can follow some of these guidelines. Remember, these are only guidelines and you must do everything that is in your control over and above these guidelines to protect your child.

Get a laptop and not a desktop to be used only when adults are in the house and to be used only in the living room. Don't hesitate to lock it when adults are not in the house.

Make the "History" settings of the browser to at least a week and check frequently what kind of sites your child has visited.

Help your child to understand the dangers of giving private information (such as phone numbers, addresses, mom/ dad's credit card information) to strangers online.

On IM, visit the archives frequently to see whom your child is chatting with. Check who are her friends on the friends list.

You set up the email account (with the password of your choice and not your child's) that only you can open and your child can use. Almost every email is screened and there are several words that can throw up your child's email as a red flag, so you should check before the emails are sent out. If you're going to use the web based servers, I suggest you use the one with strong filters to block spam.

Plan alternative activities (either outdoor or family oriented) to engage in when they are not using the Internet because we know that it can easily become an addiction. Being idle is a reason for them to justify using the Internet.

Last not the least; be prepared to buy commercially available filters before you throw the laptop in the garbage because the situation is getting out of control.


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