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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gift from the heart

In the beginning of December I got an email from Lynda in the United States telling me that I should expect a gift for the HOPE House girls. We hoped that it would arrive by Christmas but it didn’t. She also told me that it is not a very a big gift but something that she made it from her heart. On the 11th of December we received a flat envelope that had Lynda’s ‘from’ address.

I was relieved to know that we received the package but was very eager to know the contents as the package looked unconventional for a gift for 14 girls. Envelope looked fairly flat and lightweight. When I opened it, I could see how much Lynda loved these girls that she has never seen. She hand made a bookmark for each girl with each bookmark having child’s name on it.

She also wrote a lovely letter to all the girls that I read and translated for them. Interesting thing is that Lynda sponsors a child at the HOPE House and when this child heard that Lynda sent these gifts to all the girls, she was all smiles and went around telling the other girls that it is her aunty who sent the gifts.

This world only needs few Lynda’s to make it a better place and she certainly is doing her part. Thank you Lynda.


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