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Monday, December 03, 2007


That other day when I asked my older daughter to do something she point blank told me “NO” and she explained the reason for it. I was kind of taken a back a bit by her response. After I regrouped myself, I thought about her behavior and felt something different.

I remember those days when she was just beginning to talk with babble. I used to encourage and cheer her to talk more and talk more accurately. It used to be so cute to hear her say words with a bit of slur and stammer because she couldn’t twist her tongue. Slowly but surely she began. Soon she joined in school and then her thoughts became more refined and wide ranging.

In the meantime my thought process seem not have grown proportionately along with my daughter and the changing times around. I am still hoping and expecting her to speak with babble. I was prepared for her to go to school but not gain independent thinking. I was prepared for her to speak accurately but not freedom to reason and question.

I realized then that it is not my daughter who needs to change but my attitude towards her. To understand her better, I simply need to wear hear shoes. I need to make a decision if I want to be a controlling figure or an influencing figure in her life. Controlling figure is the one who says “My way or no way” but an influencing figure teaches by example.

Point in short: Let your thoughts grow along with your child. Try to solve your child’s issues with rationale and reason otherwise the distance between your child and you are going to widen along with their age.

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Pratik said...


This was a great tip. I will try to implement and remember this always. And may your $100 in adsense reach soon, so that it can go for a very wothy cause!