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There are approximately 18000 parents registered with CARA, while the number of children in the Government's adoption pool is less 1800.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

For Profit and Non-Profit compatibility in the field of adoption (Adoption Discussion)

I didn’t realize about this topic till I wrote an article titled “How to find an ethical adoption agency in India” during which time I had realized that there are some foreign adoption agencies that are operating as “for profit” organizations to operate in India. I simply asked myself a question to come to grips with the compatibility and that question is this: “Do I want to be associated with someone that believes completely contrary to my beliefs”?

We see “For profit” and “Non-Profit” organizations partnering together all the time so why is it a big deal? Let’s use an example: Let’s say a profit based software company wants to partner with an adoption agency (a non profit organization) to help with funding, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong. Here you must understand that these two organizations deal with completely two different products (software and orphan children).

But how often do you see a profit based software company (or any commercial venture for that matter) being aligned with a non-profit based company doing the same work as them? I am yet to find one except in the field of adoption in India

In India, by CARA guidelines, every Registered Indian Placement Agency or RIPA (doing inter-country adoptions) must be registered as a Non-Profit organization. There’s an underlying reasoning behind this requirement and that is to find a home for an orphan child who has no one to care for must be done on humanitarian grounds and not on to making profits.

If my understanding is correct CARA doesn’t enforce the same philosophy (adoption agencies being non profit organizations) on foreign adoption agencies and allow for profit adoption agencies to work with Indian agencies. I have a hard time understanding how two organizations can work together when their objectives are completely contrary to each other? Each entity must be doing a very good job of masking their implicit/ explicit objectives.

CARA should require all the foreign adoption agencies to become non-profit organizations immediately before allowing them to continue to function in India in the field of adoption.

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