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Monday, December 31, 2007

How much is too much?

Know this: India’s Christian population is approximately 2% or little over it. Hindus constitute about 80% and Muslims about 15%. Recently I was surprised to read a news article in ‘The Economic Times’ that the sales during the Christmas season in India almost equaled the sales of Deepavali season. Retailers are slowly but surely learning the tricks of the trade that any/ every holiday ought to be exploited to sell their products.

I have no qualms about the retailers or the buyers that want to make use of opportunities but what is saddening is to see people buying indiscriminately anything/ everything that are on sale. I read that there are parents who buy ipods for their six year old simply because it is on sale. Recently my daughter asked for a Christmas gift that is simply way too much at this stage of her life so we gently explained to her why it is not needed.

I know adoptive families go through a lot of rough time to bring their child home so do you see them as very special and buy things that are not really needed for them? I recently attended a seminar of adoptive parents where some parents have acknowledged that they take their children out to a restaurant for they doing their homework.

What do you think about this culture of doing too much for our children? What is good/ bad about this? Please write in the comments section below.


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Anonymous said...


You have brought out a very valid point. There are two angles to this. People shop because this gives them a feel good factor. This relinquishes them of their boredom. It does not matter if they are buying for themselves or for their dear ones. The second angle is that of the children. We should know when to say "No". It is foolish to do something as a reward which cannot be done over and over again. I will not ask for certain things again if I have been explained why it is unnecessary for me. The child will be more understanding this way. The child does not know the limits, only a parent knows. So he needs to balance his love for the child and the extent to which one can go.