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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We went for picnic

Yesterday it was such fun evening for four of us because we went for picnic. The best thing of it all is that there’s an element of surprise involved in it. This is the first picnic my girls (six and three years old) had organized for our family and they did it all by themselves. We could smell something brewing but didn’t have a clue as to what to expect.

Last night around 7:30 PM my girls came and told both of us to close our eyes and come to their room. We couldn’t wait to see what’s in it. They closed the door till we both of us came to the door. When I tried playfully to open the door before my wife came (to be accompanied by my older one), the security (my three year old) hung on to the doorknob tightly and screamed “NO DADDY”.

When we went in there, they gave an audio effect “Ta…daaaa….” And said “we are in picnic”. They brought all their toys, teddy bears, cooking set and spread the clean towels on the floor (I can imagine what was going on in mom’s head as she saw those clean towels on the floor). They both quickly mixed imaginary tea for both of us and brought to us. Each of us had to drink two cups of tea as we couldn’t ignore neither of them.

At the end, they asked if Daddy could take a picture of their picnic set up and how could I not take it? It was a joy to see the kids imitate our actions so much. Message in short, beware of your actions because your kids watch every action of yours and they better be good.


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Anonymous said...

This is so cute of the girls! Lucky Parents!