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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Taking the kids?

What do you do when it comes to traveling to get your child and you already have kids at home? Do you take them along to pick up their new brother or sister or do you leave them at home.
When we traveled to bring our daughter home we took two kids and left two here with friends. I wish we could have taken them all but in the end it worked out best for us this way. We had our oldest daughter along and she helped us with our youngest (at the time) who came too, so we could concentrate on our newest when we picked her up. Our eldest also got some wonderful, priceless pictures and videos of our trip that we just wouldn’t have been able to get if she had not been along. I also think it really helped with the bonding process of us all. The girls really enjoyed the trip as much as we did and they traveled very well. We were able to communicate with our boys while we were gone via the telephone and a blog so they could see pictures and get bigger updates on what was happening. I hope someday that our sons can also travel to India and see the birth country of their little sister.
However, the really answer lies in what works best for each situation. There is a wonderful resource to give you some thought as to what will work best in your situation at this link below.
There are also some more helpful articles on this page link below this particular article.
I hope this can help make planning your travel journey a less stressful time.

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