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Monday, November 19, 2007

Our Thanksgivng day in India

Last year was our first thanksgiving out of the United States and we were kinda feeling out of place. We have an American family living here who also were going through the same feelings like us so we all joined together to celebrate. That’s the easy part but hard part was to find a Turkey.

We live in a small town. After a tedious search we found a man who has two Turkeys that he wanted to sell. We went on a two-wheeler (I am the passenger) and when we looked at the Turkey, I was like “How in the world are we going to transport this giant bird on a two wheeler”? Seller offered to put them in a gunnysack for us so there they went on a two-wheeler in a gunnysack. They felt like carrying millstones to me.

Now we needed a place to dress the Turkey. We thought chicken shop would be a good place and we were proved wrong. No one wanted to do this except for one fellow who agreed after we agreed to pay an arm and a leg. We told him exactly how to dress, what to take out and what not to take out. He did a great job and we handed over the Turkey to the ladies.

Ladies went to war with the Turkey because by the time they were ready to stuff, rigor mortis set in and Turkey legs were in four different directions. Well they somehow battled and tied the legs together but they realized that their oven is not large enough to put the bird in. They had to ask the neighbor (who was also invited for the party) if they could use their oven and she graciously agreed.

We had several different families gathered for the Thanksgiving dinner. When the ladies brought the Turkey home, he looked good and tasted very good but gave a job to our jaws, as he was an old bird. The day ended with all the usual fun of Thanking day.


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