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Monday, November 19, 2007

My girls performed

Yesterday it is a world Sunday school day and both my girls for the first time ever participated in a performance together. Mom has been planning for this for the whole week and well they both dressed alike in denim.

We always sit in the first row so to sit there for this program was nice. As they walked in, they had a big red heart with silver border pinned to the front of their dress. My little one waved at us as they walked in but we both of us decided not to look at them not to make them self-conscious. As they sang a song with actions we were looking at them and they were busy performing.

My older one was loud enough and the little one didn’t know all the words so kept looking at her sister but was able to do the actions. Well….after they finished, they received a big applause. All the kids left with a big smile on their faces.

Best is what had happened after the service. One doctor friend of ours came and told my wife that my kids looked very cute and they resemble both of us. I gave big high five’s to both girls and told them that they did very well.

We treated ourselves for their performance by going to a South Indian restaurant with an American family of four.


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