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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

If you're in India, adopt under JJ Act

I have a link to the article below, which narrates a journey of a couple who have adopted a child under the JJ Act.

JJ Act has a provision where it allows every citizen of India irrespective of their faith to adopt to have parental right in contrast to the existing laws namely “Hindu Adoption & Maintenance Act” (HAMA) and “Guardianship and Wards Act” (GAWA).

Both these acts have different limitation of their own. Under HAMA only Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, and Sikhs can adopt. They will have parental rights but they can only adopt one child of one gender. If they have one biological daughter, they can only adopt a son. If they have a bio son and a daughter, then cannot adopt under HAMA.

Under GAWA, Christians, Muslims, Parsis and Jews are allowed to adopt. They can adopt any number of children but will not have parental rights but only guardianship. Under GAWA, parents cannot get birth certificate, which makes lot of things such as getting admission to school, and applying for passport etc.

Understandably, in a democratic country like India, it caused a lot of uproar and the Government of India at last passed a legislation called “Juvenile & Justice Act” to allow every citizen of India irrespective of their faith to adopt. Under JJA, one can adopt any number of children and have complete parental rights.

So point in brief, if you’re living in India and contemplating of adopting a child, do it under JJ Act.

Here is the article link:

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