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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Don't consider adoption a substandard option

5 don'ts of adoption

Part # 3

Don’t consider adoption as a substandard option:
Recently I was talking to a childhood friend of mine and I asked him he has any children his response shook me for few seconds. He answered ‘NO’ to my question and said, “We have adopted a boy baby”. Thinking that he probably answered the way he did because he didn’t understanding my question adequately, I asked him, do you not consider an adopted child as your child? He said, “He’s only adopted”.

This experience made me believe that there are some who do adopt and think that’s something that they are forced to live with for they not able to have a biological child. I respectfully disagree with those who think that adoption is a substandard option. There’s nothing substandard about the life that you choose to bring home to call yourself a “Daddy” or “Mommy”. May be it is the last option for many but not a substandard option.

You might get away with this kind of thinking only for so long. When your child begin to understand and comprehend your thinking, he/she will begin to think less worth of themselves than they are truly worth of. Be assured that your child with such a kind of behavior will have long-term consequences.

It is better for individuals to remain without children than to adopt and to put their children through this kind of subtle torture. Adoption is an alternative option to expand a family but certainly not a substandard option.


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