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Monday, October 08, 2007

CARA Inaugration

Well I reached the spot by 4:30 PM and by then registration had began. I collected my handout and the name tag to go to into the conference hall. I walked around meeting so many people I had communicated only online and never met them. I had gotten to meet Judy Kloper, Deb Drier, Beth Peterson, and of course my adoption agency representative and our family friend Jynger Robters. I also met lot of Indian friends Aloma Lobo, Nomita Chandy, Anju of Kolkata and Radha Nagesh. I could only say hello to Dr. Jagannath Pati and J.K. Mittal of CARA as they were so busy organizing the conference.

Jynger and I sat together and caught with lot of things till 6:30 PM. By then our Chief Guest arrived and the program began. It was a quick and a simple program. After the program got over, there was cultural program followed by Dinner.
Conference registration in the lobby:

Conference hall decked up in lights:

The podium of the conference:

Cultural program:

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