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Friday, September 21, 2007

Competitive kids of Indian origin in the US

Adoption Discussion # 13

Personally I know of lot of kids of Indian origin in the United States that compete academically at a much higher level. I think this could be attributed to the first generation of Indians (their father and mother for example) may have studied and excelled in India where the emphasize on education is much higher. Same is repeated by the parents on their children in the US by helping them in their studies at home, spending extra time on learning tasks and concentrating on topics of intellectual significance. I have spoken to such kids who did say that at time they do feel pressured by the unspoken words of the local Indian community.

What I began wondering is how is it in inter-racial adoptive families where the children are from India but the parents are of a different culture? Do the kids where there is a large Indian population are under undue pressure to perform? What happens when they don't? Do the other Indian kids treat them differently?

Do you know of anyone in this situation? What issues do they deal with? Share your views in the comments section.


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