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There are approximately 18000 parents registered with CARA, while the number of children in the Government's adoption pool is less 1800.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Adoptive families get-together

Adoption Discussion # 14

Few days back, Missionaries of Charity, Bangalore organized a get-together for all adoptive families who had adopted their children from them. Since the day coincided with Ganpati festival, i guess few families were not able to make it. But overall the get-together was a great experience. Here's an update of the event.
The event started with Sister Raphael introducing the Guests for the show.

  • Dr. Aloma Lobo (currently heading ACA Karnataka)
  • Mr. E. X. Antony (lawyer and expert in handling adoption related legal cases)
  • Dr. Joseph (Dept of Paediatrics at St. John's Hospital, Bangalore)
Sister Raphael looked so happy and satisfied seeing all the kids grown up since the time they left Shishu Bhavan to go to their respective homes. It followed with a prayer song and few dance events by enthusiastic kids. Post that Dr. Aloma Lobo was asked to speak on the topic "How to tell your child about adoption". I had earlier read about Dr. Aloma Lobo and also her wonderful book "The Penguin Guide to Adoption in India". For all those who don't know, Dr. Lobo is the mother of six children, of which three are adopted. So there could not have been a better person to discuss on any topic related to adoption.

She emphasized the fact that children should be told that they are adopted the very moment they are brought home. It doesn't matter at what age you should tell your child, its just that you should tell it face to face. She also emphasized the fact the parents should be open about discussing this topic and not be ashamed/afraid/apprehensive about it. The word "adoption" should be used as often as possible in the household such that by the time the child grows up, she can associate this word with something that is loving and caring. It will take the child to understand the actual meaning of word adoption by the time she understands about human reproduction. I will discuss further on this topic in some other post later. But the gist of her message was:
  • Start the process of telling your child early
  • Don't whisper rather discuss this face to face
Post this wonderful talk, Mr. Antony discussed about the legalities of obtaining a birth certificate for an adoptive child. Also Dr. Joseph gave a wonderful presentation on how to bring up the child from a doctor's perspective. After that the event was open for Q&A followed by lunch.
I must say that the event was extremely well organized and thanks to Missionaries of Charity. It was good to interact with other families and their kids. The children had a fun time at the event.

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