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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Adoptee making a difference

How would you feel if you’re an adoptee and came to know that you were rejected by two families before your adoptive family has accepted and welcomed you to be a member of their family? Resentful??

How would you feel if you’re an adoptee and came to know that your adoptive family had accepted you unconditionally in spite of knowing your physical illnesses in midst of their own economic difficulties? Grateful?

Meet this young man who was adopted from Holston Methodist Home for Children in Greenville, TN as an infant in to a family that had nothing but love and more love. Before this family, two other families had taken him home but only to bring him back due to his acute sickness. His family also took him but never thought of bringing him back and endured the difficulties along with him. His adoptive parents themselves endured poverty and abuse as children but he never experienced anything of that sort.

Experiencing such unconditional love helped him to understand the meaning of receiving. He grew up to be none other than Rodney Atkins - Country music artist in the United States. His lyrics are so touching and meaningful and I would love for you to read the lyrics of a track titled “If you’re going through hell” [click here].

Come October 3rd, 2007, Rodney Atkins reaches a unique point in his life. He becomes a National Adoption Celebrity Spokesperson for National Council for Adoption to Promote Adoption Awareness at Adoptive and Foster Parent Recruitment Summit in Washington, D.C.

It is his past and the current circumstances helped him to make a decision to make a difference for the future. If you’re touched by the message of adoption in your life, are you doing anything to make a difference? If not, ask yourself this question: “Why not”?

If you're an adoptee or if you know of an adoptee that is making a difference in the larger interest of society and you want to share that story, write to us at

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