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There are approximately 18000 parents registered with CARA, while the number of children in the Government's adoption pool is less 1800.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Absolute nostalgia

When I was living in the US, I met a woman over the phone by name Tami in the year 2000. She is an adoption professional and helped both of my daughters adoptions from India (in 2001 and 2004). My wife and I have met her few times after to know the kind heart that she has towards children. Since then we have been staying in touch mostly by emails.

After we relocated to India and started the HOPE House, Tami and her husband ware the first one's to express their willingness to foster a child by supporting and accordingly she was assigned one. Since then she and the child have been staying in touch through emails.

Tami informed us that they are coming to India and they would like to visit the child at the HOPE House on August 5th. We were absolutely thrilled. Child was informed and she told all her friends at the HOPE House about Tami's arrival. Reason that they are visiting India is to adopt a child for themselves from the same adoption agency that my children were adopted.

They arrived on August 5th and met the child. The moment of meeting was beyond me to explain. Right away, Tami got on to her knees to touch her and hold her to let her know that she loves her. They brought Tamil/English books for the HOPE House kids. During their stay, they interacted with all the other children and the staff. Asked a lot of questions about their child and checked her records.

They stayed with us and gotten to meet my kids. The connection between my kids and Tami was instantaneous. We talked a lot about the field of adoption in India and how efforts can be integrated to make a difference. Tami and her husband found it hard to say good-bye to their supporting child. They took pictures, gave hugs and kisses before leaving.

They left on the 7th but not without leaving a sense of nostalgia in me about the commonalities. Enjoyed meeting this good friend of our family who has nothing but love and kindness towards children. We knew then (in 2000) it was her job that connected her to India but know now (in 2007) that her heart connects her family to India. Hope we can make a difference together.

Thank you and God Bless Tami and Cliff.

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