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Sunday, July 15, 2007

When the daughters are doctors, it's......

Cute & Funny # 5

Both my girls (Lydia 6, and Lily 3) decided to be medical professionals and their daddy going to be the patient. So this is the scene in the treatment room:

Daddy is lying on the bed. Doctor (Lydia) walks to the patient with a stethescopy (toy) in hand, accompanied by her assistant (Lily).

Doctor: Hi, I am your doctor….I treat stomach and neck pain.

Daddy: Glad to meet you (Shakes hand). I am having stomachache.

Doctor: OK. “We need to take an X-Ray”. (Presses on the stomach, acts like she is carrying the x-ray trays to the wall, makes hissing and rattling sounds before she starts showing on the imaginary X-ray screen). “You have pain because your little girl is jumping too much on your tummy and you see this X-ray? You also have bugs moving in your tummy (moves her finger like a bug to show what is shown on the screen).

Daddy: Oh really? That’s not good. What do I need to do?

Doctor: I’ll give you white medicines you need to take in the morning and yellow medicines in the evening. You also need to sit in the hot water tub to kill the bugs in your stomach and after that you need to take this purple medicine to throw up all the dead bugs.

Daddy: That sounds great. (Moves to the other end of the bed to get in to the hot water tub)……."Doctor this water is very hot".

Doctor: You need to sit there to kill the bugs.

Daddy: I am burning.

Assistant: I’ll pour cold water

Doctor: Yells and says “NO……Now you can get out of that tub”. Daddy moves to the original position in the bed. Doctor pours the purple medicine in Daddy’s mouth.

Daddy: Vok….Vok….Vok (Throwing up).

Doctor: (Laying next to daddy) “You see these bugs coming out?.....Now you can go home and call me if you need anything”

Daddy: I am sorry.....doctors don’t lay down like this next to the patient.

Doctor: You’re my daddy too….

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