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There are approximately 18000 parents registered with CARA, while the number of children in the Government's adoption pool is less 1800.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Indi(AA)doption demographics survey

Please join in Indi(AA)doption survey "Adoptive Children" to understand the demographics. This survey doesnot recognize you nor your computer IP address, so feel free to be as open as you want to be.

If your computer screen is small, you may not be able to see the downward arrow of your answer but if you click on the answer box itself, you can see all the choices. If any choice is not applicable, please leave that answer blank. If you feel that there are more than one appropriate answer, please choose the best suited one only. Kindly fill the form separately for adoption of each child.

Apart from you taking part in this survey, please help us by letting other adoptive families join in by forwarding the link.

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