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Thursday, July 26, 2007

CARA Guidelines - Suggestion # 1

Mandatory preparation for domestic families.

As per 6.42 of CARA guidelines (Under the "PROCEDURE FOR ADOPTION BY INDIAN PROSPECTIVE ADOPTIVE PARENTS (IPAP)RESIDING IN INDIA), counseling and preparation of prospective adoptive parents(PAP's) is vague.

Wouldn't it be better if CARA or "State Adoption Resource Agency" or SARA make specific requirements about what the PAP's need to be informed and equipped about? I suggest that CARA or SARA make 8 hours of mandatory educational training from an approved trainer/ social worker/counsellor for an approved content.

Hague convention on inter-country adoptions require 10 hours of mandated training for the PAP's and it would be better if the same applies to domestic PAP's too.

  1. CARA or SARA can prepare the requirements of the content (and the intended objective that the content must achieve) and approve the providers (with a license) for a small fee who in turn will conduct the preparatory course at the place and date of their choice.
  2. Providers need to be given an approval with an expiration date after which they need to seek an extension by paying the renewal fee.
  3. At the completion of such a course, CARA or SARA will issue a certificate (make it valid for three years) without which PAP's cannot register for domestic adoption.

Apart from preparing the families, this suggestion could also become an employment to some.

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