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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Adoption Awareness Month

Today I visited with Steve Doles of Pray Lubboc and Dave Borowski of Family Life Radio to discuss with them about how they can help to spread the message of adoption in the month of November. First I met with Dave and he was so gracious enough to tell me that on November 13th, they are already doing a remote location live broadcast in town and it wouldn't be a big deal to turn that event into an adoption awareness program. I was really thrilled to hear that.

Then I met with Steve Doles to tell him a little about this marvellous American lady's story (Dr. Ida Scudder), gave him the CMC CD and some handouts on CMC. I also asked him if he would mind announcing about our upcoming adoption awareness proclamation signing ceremony to be held at the city hall. Our Mayor is expected to sign the proclamation. Steve asked me to send the information to him through e-mail. I sent it to him today.

I would love to have adoption awareness month lunch along with a live broadcast by a local Christian radio station. I would also like all our adoptive families to come by and let the message of adoption be known our local families in specific and the entire community in general.


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