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There are approximately 18000 parents registered with CARA, while the number of children in the Government's adoption pool is less 1800.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 most popular myths & facts about adoption and adoptive children

Like any family, adoptive families too have their own share of belief systems about their adoptive children.  Myth is something that you believe in but not necessarily true. We'll address the five most popular myths in India.   
Myth # 1. "Talking about adoption hurts my child's feelings".
Fact:  It is a given 100% that some day your child will know about the fact of adoption.  When they do come to know about it (through some other source other than you), they begin to distrust you because you've pretended to be his/ her biological parent when you are not.  

Myth # 2. "When my adoptive child finds his/ her birth family, they'll leave me".
Fact: Almost 100% of the adoptees feel that they should know more about their birth families and some do go on to search and find them.  According to many adoptees, it is a chapter in their life book that they must finish reading so that there's a closure.  It has nothing to do against the adoptive families but everything to do with their curiosity.  Don't be afraid.

Myth # 3.  "If I adopt a child, I'll conceive"
Fact: There's no science to support this myth but it has been said that when one adopts a child, the stress of infertility is less and one begin to enjoy their relationship and intimacy at a different level which possibly could lead to conception.

Myth # 4.  "Adult adoptees always want to adopt children"
Fact: Not necessarily so.  There are quite a number of them who didn't.  It is also very unfair to expect every adoptee to adopt a child.  Imagine a situation where adoptees have no one that share's their own blood and they expecting to have someone that shares their own blood by having a biological child is simply being human.

Mythi # 5.  "Adoptive children don't do well in school"
Fact:  Any child's performance at school largely depends upon their early childhood nurturing.  If a child gets adopted at a young age and nurtured adequately, there's no reason why he/ she would not perform like any other bio child.  Do you know Steve Jobs - man who built world's most valuable company called "Apple" was adopted? 

Do you know of any other myths & facts on adoption and adoptive children?  Would you be kind and share them on our blog?

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