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Friday, April 27, 2012

How do I deal with my daughter's school regarding adoption?

I am admitting my daughter in a school and I would like to know how to deal with the issue of adoption with the school authorities?

As I always say, bottom-line is to remember and respect our children's best interests at all times.  Not circumstances, nor our comfort levels but what helps and protects our children from abuse of any kind because they are adopted.   

Schools can be brutal and that can leave deep scars on tender hearts of children if adults are not careful.  I do not know the right or wrong answer in dealing with situations like schools but I can share how we dealt with our children's school and reasoning behind it. 

We told on day one to the headmistress that our children are adopted and we would like for them to handle any situation that might arise to deal with by themselves unless and until they want our involvement.  We also told her that our children have been talked about it and they are open about it and if the school need our assistance in empowering teachers, we would be glad to do so.  Then we told our children how to handle a situation in school if something uncomfortable happens especially regarding their adoption. 

Reasoning behind it is this:  We want the schools to know that we respect their authority in protecting our children but we are right there if they need us for anything.  This helps the schools to know that we are not dumping everything on their head to handle it.  I noticed the following year headmistress announcing in the parents meeting in a gentle and a tender voice to let the parents know to let her know if their child is adopted so that she can keep an eye on.  So far so good and headmistress is really appreciative of us giving her this bit of information before hand.     

I am learning that when we look at things from the prism of "Best Interests" of the child, everything falls in place.  There are times that I was very uncomfortable to do certain things but what in the world matters to me more than my children? so I chose to swallow my pride in the best interests of my child to do it.  It always works.

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