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Friday, April 09, 2010

Math Struggles?

If math is a struggle in your household like it is in mine, I would like to share a couple of links that may help. These games will help your child to get down the basics of math really well so they can build upon what they know to go farther , without the frustration.

This is a game that we downloaded for our daughter to use, and while it is not girly in any sense , she is still having some fun using it and it is fun to see her passing the levels and memorizing her math facts along the way. This game is free but if you want the extra bells and whistles of the full version, you can buy that too.

This next helpful looking resource I ran across on a blog and it has some free pages for your child to practice with as well. You can also buy a whole set. This one looks like it might even go beyond the basics a little.

And if you are further into math than just the basics you can even hire a tutor from India! Thought this was a pretty cool idea. This guy is a math teacher who is experienced and is credentialed. He helps students who are struggling and those with learning disabilities from 4th Grade/standard all the way up to college math. He charges $40 per month( at least the last I knew) for unlimited tutoring. His contact info is :

Skype id: raju_tutor
Mobile # is +919880400649

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