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Monday, January 18, 2010

Far reaching implication of Sushmita Sen's adoption

Remember the story "Bollywood single mom adopts a second child" that I posted last week? As encouraging as it is to read, it also has some far reaching positive effects on the future of adoptions.

As you may know that in India adoptions were done under the personal laws based on one's faith. Hindu's were allowed to adopt under a law called "Hindu Adoption & Maintenance Act" or HAMA which has many restrictions including not allowing adopting two children of the same gender by a same family or if the adoptive family has a biological child of particular gender already, they are not allowed to adopt the child of same gender as the child that they have at home.

Ten years ago, Sushmita Sen had adopted a baby girl under HAMA and she is not allowed to adopt another girl under HAMA. But there came a newer legislation called "Juvenile and Justice Act" or 'JJ Act' in the year 2000 which has adoption provisions which are secular based.

In September of 2009 there was a court verdict in Mumbai high court that held JJ Act above the HAMA as it is secular in nature. So Sushmita Sen cleverly adopted the second child under JJ Act.

Far reaching implication of this adoption is that it brought lot of positive marketing to the secular adoption legislation 'JJ Act' that was very badly needed. Second is that people are beginning to understand the nature of the JJ Act and they are making every use of it which is a good thing.

If I may quote Sushmita Sen from the Indian Express newspaper, she said "“Adoption is about reverence, it’s not charity. More and more people should come forward to adopt. We believe in ties of the heart, not just those of blood. I will adopt as many children as I can raise.”

I couldn't agree with her more. Hats off to you Sushmita.

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