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Friday, December 04, 2009

This is what I got for my wife from the 'City of Love' (Taj Mahal)

On the 31st of October (remember it was my birthday?), I wrote a post saying about a gift I got for my wife from the city of love – Taj Mahal. Well…It is time to talk about it again. She really liked the gift I brought for her.

I got her this Saree (pictured above) from Agra (City where Taj Mahal is located)and it is made by the prisoners of the state penitentiary. This Saree is made out of bamboo fiber. It looked so beautiful that it glitters under the lights. Today she decided to wear for a wedding. She looked gorgeous.

When I gave her the Saree she said “You never gave me a Saree as a gift but you certainly got me a kind that I like, I really like it”. Undoubtedly, I was relieved that she likes it. This picture above is taken at the wedding. If you like to look at the details of the Saree, you might want to click on the image.

1 comment:

Kristi W. said...

You have a beautiful wife! Good job on the saree, too!! Gorgeous!

:) Kristi W.