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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Elephants For Christmas?

We all know that Christmas is about celebrating Christ’s birth and that people like to celebrate it in many different ways. Here in the U.S.some......

go Caroling, have Christmas Eve services, light candles, make cookies/candies, exchange gifts, have Christmas plays/programs, visit Santa, watch movies about Christmas, hope for snow,and decorate the house/tree/and even yards. I saw the cutest yard ornament the other day at the store that was white with lights on it, it was in the shape of an elephant and he was pulling a sleigh filled with packages, I think it is even animated. I almost got it as I thought we would enjoy seeing it all this season but the price tag told me no.

Well, I ran across this interesting video clip about Thailand, it is a unique way to celebrate Christmas, at least to us. I thought to share it with you and wonder if some people in India perhaps do anything like this that our kids would be interested in learning about. If you have any similar videos or stories from/about India celebrating Christmas could you please share? It just might put a smile on a little someone’s face. Thanks! Now enjoy!

Here is the clip:

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