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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Woes of traveling with in India

When I reached New Delhi I found a problem that I needed to address immediately. It is the roaming charges on mobile phone. If you’re not familiar with how most of the Indians use their mobile phone is, it is through ‘prepaid billing’. We pay the minutes in advance and then run them down before buying again.

When you go out of your state, you’re charged roaming charges and that is the killer. In my state, I was paying 10 paise/ minute and here I am paying Rs. 1.50 per minute. My minutes were getting dried like it got wings. So I needed to fix it.

There I went and bought a local SIM card (that means a new number from a different company). This is where my problems began. Whenever I want to use the new SIM card, I have to physically replace it with the old one in the phone. I have an old SIM card from home which is used for official purposes so I was keeping it till 5:00 PM and then replace it and call home.

I didn’t realize that whenever SIM card is replaced, text messages (in and out boxes) get cleaned up and I lost some important messages. I am not a happy camper now. I am just thinking if this is worth going through? It seems like I am being penny wise and pound foolish. I just have to learn to live with this additional expenditure for a month.

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