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Saturday, May 09, 2009

PDA for mother’s day

Did you buy your gift for the mother’s day yet? If you hadn’t figured it yet, ‘Mother’s Day’ is observed on the second Sunday of the month of May (tomorrow). I am not going to do a product review of PDA’s (Portable Digital Accessories) for your mom but talk about another kind of PDA.

There’s also a PDA that refers to ‘Public Display of Affection’ but what I am about to write is called ‘Private Display of Affection’. It is believed that children learn everything by imitation. Therefore private display of affection (PDA) is a good way to help our children to understand and learn the concept of love.

Recently I read an anonymous quote that read, “If you want your children to know how much you love them, love their mother first”. I think for any little child it is the mother that comes first before anyone in this world and reserve their first love for her in their hearts. It is in this context that above said quote is suggesting that you love their mother first to win them over.

I had never seen my father display his affection for my mom in front of us when we were young (or even now) and that I presume is with many families in India. This is more to do with our culture than anything but how do children learn about the concept of love if they cannot witness it in their own homes? In fact showing any affection is seen as less of a chauvinist, which many men consider it as their birthright.

I am not going to suggest about what and how you should give your PDA but do it in the best interest of your children and family. If I may suggest, do as a family (with your kids) and surprise the mom. Creative you get, better it gets.


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