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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Duisburg railway station

The main rail station (called Hauptbahnhof in German language) of Duisburg was our final destination. My first impression - It is very different than what I am used to the rail stations in India - Less crowded and very well planned.

Most of the rail stations in India have over bridges but in Duisburg they have underground access to different platforms. Perhaps it is because it gets so cold out there, this is the best way of protection. Our first task was to have something to eat. Well…we found Burger King at the rail station and we couldn’t resist ourselves from going there, as I love burgers and fries. I was sitting with the luggage while my friend went to get the food. When he came back he told me not to waste the Tomato ketchup because he had to pay for it. I say it is well planned because it has a bank, restaurants (including Starbucks), and shops etc,  

Front view of the Duisburg main rail station

During the course of our stay at Duisburg, we found out that the rail station is in the down town area. For any major shopping, one has to come to this part of the town, which is accessed, by local trains. On the 31st of March (last day of my stay in Germany) I did a little shopping for my wife and the girls and gotten to see the hustle and bustle of Germany.  Below is the picture of downtown taken from the railway station.  Enlarge and find out my favorite restaurant.

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