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Thursday, October 02, 2008

She wants to do sumo wrestling ....

Today we were watching “Talk Asia” on CNN and they were featuring a Mongolian born Japanese sumo wrestler who became very famous but controversial. As you can rightly imagine they have images of sumo wrestlers with big rounded bodies and the loincloth around their waistline.

As soon as Lydia saw that, she asked “Daddy can I do sumo wrestling”? Mom sitting in the vicinity quickly answered “No” and the following question from Lydia didn’t take that long to ask, “Why can’t I do it”? “Do you not see their chest not being covered Lydia”? Questioned mom referring to the obvious.

Lydia looked at Daddy and said “Daddy, you told me that girls can do everything” Daddy feeling uncomfortable, said “Yes baby, girls can do everything including sumo wrestling but probably not there because they only allow big people. Probably we both of us can do it at home”

She got a kick out of that to hear that she can do sumo wrestling with daddy. Daddy is happy with it too (to put the conversation behind) as long as Lydia doesn’t insist on daddy wearing loincloth.

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Joe said...

Girls can do International Amateur Sumo because they wear uniforms under their mawashi, if that was your wife's objection. At this time, though, she can't join Ozumo because women are not permitted to touch the doyho there. If they do the whole thing much be taken down and rebuilt.