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Friday, October 03, 2008

Mehendi time in India

Beginning of October brings the beginning of three long months of holiday season in India. This year, our holiday season consists of famous festivals of all three major religions (Hindus, Muslims and Christians). Our holiday season ends in mid January with Sankranthi (or Pongal).

Apart from shopping, women of all walks of life in India also indulge in Mehendi – decorating their hands and feet with the paste of henna leaves. Non-invasive reaction between the paste and the skin brings out beautiful color that could last for several days. In short, we can say this is a temporary tattoo but only on hands and feet. This is also done during weddings.

Henna paste is commercially available in stores in paper cones in different sizes. If you’re living outside India and interested to have Mehendi decoration, you might want to check in Indian stores near you or do Google search to locate an Indian store near you.

Recently we travelled to Andhra Pradesh to see my family. My sisters decorated Lydia and Lily’s hands with Mehendi and here is the picture of it. Click on it to enlarge it;

Here is a video clip on youtube that presents Mehendi party. If you have something more to add, please feel free to write in the comments section

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