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There are approximately 18000 parents registered with CARA, while the number of children in the Government's adoption pool is less 1800.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Guest column - Infertility specialist promoting adoption

Today’s guest column is featuring a Gynecologist who is an infertility specialist at a prestigious medical institution in India called “Christian Medical College & Hospital” CMC). Meet Dr. Gigi Chandy that promotes adoption as an overall strategy of treating infertility.

When do you know a couple may have reached the end of their options to conceive biologically?

Age is a very important factor as far as a lady is concerned. If the ovarian reserve is compromised, which is the capacity of an ovary to produce follicles, then the physician advises the couple to think of other options to have a family.

When does a male partner reach the end of his options to conceive biologically?

When his semen analysis shows azoospermia and sperms cannot be retrieved by biopsy. Such couples have an option of donor programme.

How did you get involved in promoting adoptions with your childless couples?

I work in a Reproductive Medicine Unit, which serves as a tertiary center. So by the time a couple reaches us they would have completed most of the treatment available. I do adoption counseling only to those who have already made the decision and are getting ready for it.

How do you go about promoting adoption to your childless couples?

Almost always the couple themselves makes the suggestion. I encourage them by highlighting all the positive factors involved in accepting this method of starting a family.

How encouraging is the outcome of your effort?

Almost always it is very encouraging. Occasionally they keep in touch by e-mail informing me their progress and anxieties.

You’re working for a private hospital and your professional services are extremely valuable. Why do you keep your patient's interests above your employer’s commercial interests and how is it going with your employer.

I do not know how applicable this is for CMC. I am a total CMC doctor literally grew up in the CMC ethos. Patient care is topmost priority for me which I suppose is the same for every CMC staff.

If there is an organization out there that wants to partner with you to scale your effort, how would you respond and what are your expectations?

I am willing to be of service to anybody as long as it does not affect my regular work.

What are your future plans in promoting adoptions?

Same as what it is now.

If there is a childless couple looking for advice, how can they get in touch with you?

They can initially contact me by phone or by e-mail and fix up an appointment to meet me in the RMU dept


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