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Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Mini-Reunion

This weekend we attended a mini-reunion for kids that started out at the same orphanage. I was interested to see how our daughter would react to the other children upon seeing them again. There was one child there that came home only a few days before we got her so I thought she may remember at least one.

When we pulled up to the appointed place to meet, I told her that we came to visit with some of the kids that she was with in the orphanage. When I picked her up out of the car she acted like she was asleep and layed her head on my shoulder. I thought this was strange as she already had a nap during the long ride there. We started to walk up the drive and she lifted her head up and smiled. I can only guess at what she was thinking, was she only playing, a little nervous, or just being shy?

When we got inside she was happy to get down and play. During the evening and the next day that we spent with the families she just acted the same as usual and when I asked her if she remembered a particular boy she didn't indicate that she did. I don't really even know if she was in the same room as this child in the orphanage for sure, but since they came home so close together I had hoped that they would have seen each other.

Well, regardless if our daughter remembered anyone or not it was a fun time for us all to share a meal, swap stories and just get to know the other families with kids from the same place. It was nice to be with families that look just like our own and I think Sananda made some new(maybe old) friends. I hope we can do this every year!

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