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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not so lucky 08.08.08

08.08.08 (August 8th of 2008) is portrayed as the luckiest day of the millennium and I read that people all over the world have taken notice of this day for some reason or the other. Of course the Olympic games have started in China but other than that I just cannot understand why it is so important.

As lucky as it may be for the whole world, it is a very difficult day for our family. I brought Chase (my dog) to Bangalore – a big city with good facilities for animals, for a check up and we went to the veterinary college where they have done urinalysis, bladder scanning and cytology tests. During the scanning, doctor showed me the crystals in his bladder floating around. It was difficult to see him go through all those tests but I kept talking to him and he remained quiet for the most part.

We called up the doctor to see what he had to say about the blood work and he told us that they see malignant tumor cells in his bladder. My heart was heavy and I felt sad for him so I took him for a short walk. I wanted him to talk to me but he is just being my same old buddy minding his own business. I played with him for a while before I let him rest for the night.

As I sat down, it is a flash back of memories what Chase has been to our family. He is nothing but love I mean unconditional love. He is such a harmless friend that I cannot imagine him not being around the house asking me to play with him all the time. He even knows my body language that as soon as I put my shoes on; he comes and stands at the door, ready to go with me. After we came back to India, he is the only one of a kind of a dog (breed) in our neighborhood so he attained instant celebrity status.

I got back to my hometown today and I have to explain to my children about Chase’s health and as a family we have to make some difficult decisions for my buddy of almost 11 years. My family, for all the wrong reasons will always remember 08.08.08.


Vishalakshi said...

Hi Ruby,

I pray that God eases Chase's suffering and do know that He will be there with you and your family in these difficult times.


The HOPE House said...

Veena, thank you so much for your prayers. After about 4 days, chase ate last night and he is doing little better now.