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Monday, August 25, 2008

New dogs in my house

My dog has been dribbling so we decided to keep him in the Kennel in the nights so that he won’t mess up the floor in the house. Last night was the first time we put him in it and I could tell that my little one found it hard that Chase is not sleeping freely. She said, “Daddy, I wish I am a girl dog so I could sleep inside the Kennel". Take a look at this picture.

This evening, I found both my girls playing inside the Kennel. I decided to pull my digital camera to capture the image from hiding but before I took the picture, they saw me and decided to pose like panting dogs.

How I wish they just stopped growing up!!


mrs.fitz said...

ahh...i miss those girls!!

Nimmi said...

YOu sure have good pranksters t home ruby. Its so much fun watching I am sure