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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Doing what 40 year olds do

Now I’ve crossed 40 and have two little kids at home, I’ve got what every man of this age is expected to have. Unless I pull my stomach in, I can’t read the weighing scale under my feet and people keep reminding me (you know who??) that I have got love handles.

I decided to do yoga. I have no idea how to do so I subscribed to a yoga magazine and it just arrived. There’s lot of excitement at our house to do yoga now.

Today after I came home in the evening, my kids asked me if I can do one exercise and when I looked at the picture, I knew the guy in the picture is completely out of his mind. He is standing and bending forward to keep his head between his legs. He put his head so far behind that he almost can do his own rectal examination in standing and then stretching his hands to the front.

Right now I’ve mastered corpse position or “Shavasana” (position of a dead body) where you simply lay down like a dead body and relax. I guess I am learning how it feels when I really die.

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