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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It was a memorable sports day for the kids

Saturday was our girls’ sports day at school. They have been talking about it for the past one-month. Older one had to have a new skirt and younger one a new pair of canvas shoes. We reached the school on time and there went our girls with their classes.

Majestic march past of the school seniors was awesome. Then came the tiny tots (kindergarten kids). We were sitting in the second row itself and my wife immediately spotted my little one. They were facing us to dance and she was in the front row.

As soon as they started doing their dance, I stood up to take a picture and my wife pulled me down and said, “If she sees you, she’ll come running to us”. I couldn’t disagree with her because we had this experience with our older one once before when she was three years old.

We were still living in the US then and my kids’ day care had a Christmas program. We were sitting in the front row to take pictures. As soon as Lydia’s class came on to the stage, we waved to her – well…. that was a mistake we made. She came down the stage running to us and didn’t want to go on to the stage. When her teacher kept calling her to come up, she began to cry.

So at the school I decided to take pictures in hiding. Towards the end of their dance, our eyes met. She gave a big grin to mom and dad. We thought to duck down but since the dance was over, we were ok even if she had come running to us.

Next came the older one. They were holding plastic sunflowers and dancing. They looked rhythmic and cute. When their dances were over, mom went and brought the kids from their classrooms. They came running to me and I gave them a big hug and told them how proud we are to see them dance.

It is a day that we wanted the kids to enjoy and without a doubt they enjoyed it. Never miss a chance to let your children know that they you love them.


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