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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

India Trip- Day 2

Today I was able to start the day with catching up with my family via webcam and IM. I am thankful for this as it helps me from missing them too much and they can see that I am doing well too.
We toured the Christian Medical College and Hospital. The campus was beautiful with all kinds of plants, trees and flowers that are not common in the cold weather that I am from, and the tour was interesting.
I had my first ride on a city bus. It was a learning experience for me, if you have ever rode one, you will know what I mean. If you are standing up and can't get a seat, then you have to hold on tightly to the bars anywhere you can, above you or beside you. At times you might feel like you are playing Twister because people are reaching everywhere to stay upright. Then when the driver steps on the breaks you have to break with your feet too or you may fall over into others standing nearby, or you may be so squished that everyone falls over.
We ate at a Chinese resturant near the college and I had dragon noodles for the first time. I loved them and will be checking our local resturants here to see if they offer them on their menus.
After a rest we went to the HOPE House and had supper there. The food here was tasty also, and there was PLENTY to go around and we had to finally say no more.
Tonight the internet was not working so I didn't get to use it to update you all.

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