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Saturday, July 12, 2008

149 Congressmen sign a letter to Sec. of State of USA.

What happens when 149 members of congress write a letter and give a recommendation to the Secretary of State of the U.S.A? Without a doubt, there would be enormous amount of pressure on the secretary to reconsider a decision. The point that we are talking about is inter-country adoptions from Vietnam to the United States.

149 congressman signed a letter to the Secretary of State asking her to build an interim measure to resume inter-country adoptions from Vietnam with enforceable accountable standards in place.

I thought I remember that it is not the State Department but the government of Vietnam that stopped inter-country adoptions because the state department had made an insulting statement regarding their standards.

Click here to read the letter. What are your thoughts on this letter? Write your thoughts in the comments section.


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