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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

High five moments.

On the first day of school, we made sure to inform the class helper that Lily is very scared of using squatting type of toilet as she cannot balance herself. Helper assured us that she will be there. When Lily came back from school, her first complaint was that the helper didn’t come with her to the toilet. It got repeated on the second day.

Mom was getting ready to call the school to check but decided to give it another day. On the third day, mom asked Lily about what happened. This is how Lily responded (with her hands being on her waist) “She didn’t come mom, but I am a big girl now so I went by myself”.
As soon as I heard this, I said “Oh my, you need a high five” and there we went high and low fives with Lily. I could see from the side of my eye about the older one (Lydia) getting little jealous so I asked her if she did anything that we could give her a high give and she said “I finished all my food” and there we went with high and low fives.

That’s it….Daddy had a eureka moment and told the girls “from now on, every day we are going to have high five moments if you tell us something that you did you normally don’t do”. Both agreed and they make it a point to come home to tell something new.

I can’t wait to hear them ask me about what I had learnt new. Well….till then I will enjoy their high fives.


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