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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Cute and Funny

Don’t all our kids say cute and funny things? My kids are no different. Today we had two such encounters. As we were driving to church, my older one was talking about planets with her mom and this is how the conversation went.

First cute & funny encounter:

Lydia (Older daughter): “Someday I would like to go to planet Mars”.
Daddy: “Well…for that you have to be an astronaut”.
Lydia: Daddy (with ‘don’t you know’ voice), I don’t want to fly the rocket, I just want to be a passenger.

Lydia: (looking at the younger daughter (Lily)) said “Do you know that rocket to Mars goes so fast that it reaches the sky very soon.
Lily: Akka (meaning older sister in Tamil) then cops can’t catch us.

Second cute & funny encounter:

Lydia had been learning about the opposites while Lily watches her in amazement. She learnt the opposite of Up (down), In (out), Left (right), Black (White).

Today my wife and I were talking about two ladies. Wife referred to one woman as “Old” and then we could hear Lily (younger daughter) telling Lydia about the other lady being “New”. What she meant to say was that the other lady is the younger one.

Do you something to share that is cute and funny? Please share them in the comments section below.


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