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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Entertaining your kids at the doctors office (Parenting tip)

Every time I took my kids to the doctor’s office, it is more tiring to keep them stay put in the waiting area than to take them there and get them treated. Children’s doctors offices have play area with toys and books but all the kids have to share them and it is not fun watching them fight. I found this easy and individual way to entertain the kids when we go to the doctor’s office.

If you have a laptop and/ or ipod, you can download itunes and download any number of children appropriate TV shows (Dora, Sesame Street, and Barny etc) for free. When you go to the doctor’s office next time, you can either take your laptop or ipod to play the shows for your kids with earphones. This works well because your kid is not going to run around and also using earphones mutes the noise from others being disturbed in the waiting area.

There are shows that are only 3 to 5 minutes long and if your children are late sleepers and do not have a TV in your bedroom, such programs are great to lure the kids to bed to watch and go to sleep.

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