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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Answering positively to your child (Parenting tip)

Do you have a child that asks questions day in and day out? How do you answer them? If most of their questions require a “NO” answer, have you ever wondered about the negative impact on your child? So how should you answer before you say “NO” next time your child asks you a question?

Recently I was listening to a radio program on “family” and a caller (a mother) said that she found a way to answer more positively. If a child asks “Can I go to my friend’s house”? She answers, “Yes, but after you complete your home work”. When they ask “Can I eat pizza now” She answers, “Yes, after you drink milk”.

Basically here what I’ve learnt is to answer positively than to answer constantly negative (No, No, No). Constant negative answers can make your child to begin to think negatively and that can have long-term consequences.


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