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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Madonna adopting Indian child?

Another celebrity is interested in adopting an Indian child and this time it is none other than Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie. She apparently fell in love with India when they visited the country as a family in January of 2008. Any day a child having to be loved and to be welcomed into a home must be appreciated.

Click here to read the story. After reading through this story from various sources, I have one question. Another source quoted today that soon the pop star would be flying to India to choose a baby, and the timeline calculates to be only three months since they visited India and choosing a child.

As far as the current timelines of inter-country adoptions from India are concerned, I hear that it is running into more than a year. I hope they are doing everything accordingly because Ritchie’s family is already been traumatized once with the earlier adoption from Africa.

As and when this does happen, this is a boon to the concept of adoption in/ from India because it gives a great deal of marketing. I can only wish the Ritchie’s family good luck in their journey of adoption from India.


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