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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Spice Art

The other day I ran across a picture that was created with spices. It was a pretty Eastern picture of palm trees and camels, called Curry Heat. I was curious how they made it and went to the website to find out...

when I got there it had a video of a man using spices to make pictures from different areas of the world. I still can't figure out how he puts the spices onto the paper and still gets it to look so good, because the video played in fast forward, but I liked the effect it leaves. If you can figure it out, please let me know.
The site has a place where you can type in the number off the bottom of your spice jars and see how fresh they still are, since there is no expiration date on them. When you do this you get a free calendar with the spice art pictures on them, but don't you know, I don't happen to have any of that brand of spices in my cupboard, YET.
Now you can create pictures with your child using spices from India and also cook up some of the mouth watering recipes that they have listed on this same site. Some of the recipes included are:
Saffron Sauce for Fish,
Iced Chai,
Indian Curry Shrimp,
Indian Curry Couscous Salad,
Grilled Corn Mango Salsa,
Curried Chicken Salad,
Garam Masala Cream Soup,
Garam Masala Marinated Chicken,
Coconut Curried Chicken and Sweet Potatoes (serve with cardamon, cinnamon or clove scented Basmati Rice),
and for those chocolate lovers there is Chocolate Chai Tea.

To find this site, go to .
With these recipes it doesn't look like our meals have to be boring anytime soon. Hope you enjoy getting a little artsy with your children, what a great way to promote bonding and if your not a great artist it could bring lots of fun and laughter. Next, your could create some great food and have a nice time enjoying that together too.

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