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Saturday, November 17, 2007

In need of love

Today my older one (Lydia) brought her home work notebook from school to show me how good she is doing in her english class. She got 20 out of 20 in spelling test. Teacher not only gave 20 out of 20 marks but wrote a comment saying "Very Good". I couldn't hold my appreciation for her anymore and I gave her a big kiss and held her close to my chest to tell her "Daddy is so proud of you". My wife sitting next to me whispered "Look at her handwriting how beautiful it is!!".

I took another glance to realize that she writes better than daddy so I gave her another kiss and a hug and told her that I am very proud of her. I could see from the side of my eye, my little one (Lily) watching all this couldn't take it anymore so she began running towards me. My wife whispered "She wants some love", so I grabbed her by her arms and gave a big hug but she also wanted a kiss. By the time my wife screamed "her hands are full of butter" it was too late and it is all over my face and my skin head. is worth having some butter marks to let them know that they are very very special. That's cute and funny for today.

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