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There are approximately 18000 parents registered with CARA, while the number of children in the Government's adoption pool is less 1800.

Friday, November 16, 2007

5 do's of adoption

Part # 5

Be an informed adoptive parent(s): Contrary to the common belief “Ignorance is a bliss”, in adoption, being ignorant can land you in lot of trouble and heartache. There are alleged accusations and also convictions in the field of adoption on the ground of malpractice. The only way to protect oneself is to be informed with facts before you venture to bring your child home.

Let me explain this to you. For example, there are only two ways children are placed to be in adoption – abandonment and relinquishment. In an abandonment, the sequence of event are child is found, taken to the nearest police station and filed an FIR, appear before the child welfare committee (CWC), advertise in the paper for the parents to come take the child if anyone has lost the child, wait for 60 days, and appear before the CWC to declare the child legally eligible for adoption etc. Knowing this procedure of events helps you to identify if your child is legally eligible for adoption or not. You can demand the adoption agency to show you the steps followed if you’re told that the baby you’re going to adopt is an abandoned child.

Why should you know this? With the allegations of malpractice, there could be a possibility that your child may not be all that legal to be placed in adoption and there may be someone longing for their lost/ stolen/ kidnapped child. There have been documented cases where children were stolen from their mother and placed in adoption in another country. After few months, children were able to communicate the truth with their adoptive parents. Adoptive family was deceived, adoptive children were traumatized for life, and a biological mother had lost her children forever.

You must understand the process (including home study process, costs of adoption, limitations, and requirements etc) thoroughly. However greater the temptation may be, it is better to avoid it than to invite trouble by succumbing.

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Anonymous said...

m a single father n putting my day n night efforts to adopt ne grown up child betn 2 to 5 yeras old. somebody told me even if child is legally released for adoption n placed for adoption by court his/her biological parents' right doesn't ceases. Is it true?

Here in India most of the adoption agencies look down upon the single father n they descriminate giving the child for adoption on this ground while they readily give child for adoption to ne single mother. why? In CARA guidelines notghing as such is mentioned. Who says males are devoid of emotions n females are endless reservoir of emotions?