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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My daughter's scrapbook

For my older girl we have created one of the most valuable assets – Scrapbook. It is nothing but a memory book to remember what had happened on a particular day. We learnt about it when attended our first pre-adoption counseling hosted by our adoption agency. One family adoptive family brought to show and we just fell in love with it and we thought have one for our daughter.

It begins with our photo that we had taken on the year we decided to adopt. Well…. hairline and waistlines have changed, don’t ask me which way? Same page also contains a photo of our dog.

It goes to the pictures that we had received as referrals. She looks so small but cute. We have her height & weight update slip from the adoption agency in India. Have pictures of fixing her crib, our surprise baby shower hosted by the co-workers, her journey to the United States (includes pictures of boarding the plane, transit break, and sleeping in the bassinet etc) and the air tickets.

Our escort who brought her from Calcutta for us did great job of filling out a log of entire travel of what she ate and when she slept and then he handed that over to us. We have that in the scrapbook. Pictures of her arrival, very cute pictures of her at home. I just cannot get enough of these pictures.

We have her first hair packed in an envelope (got it from the salon), pictures of dedication service at the church, and lots of pictures of her day care. One thing that I enjoy looking through is “World around you” section. In this section my wife had written what was happening in the world just around the time my daughter was about to come. Here are some examples:
  • Top movies: Shrek, Beautiful mind, Vanilla Sky.
  • National new headlines: Enron scam, Winter Olympics at Utah.
  • Local news headlines: Firing of police Chief and Swat team scandal.
  • A gallon of petrol: 99 cents……list goes on.

As you can see, you can pretty much add anything in this book as far as your creativity and imagination takes you. All that you want to do is to let your child know your love through this book. Primarily your effort and time is what is seen to know your love.

Do you want to write about your scrapbook? Write in the comments section below.

I found a link on the web where you can pretty much get everything that you need/ want for the scrapbook:

Ruby Nakka

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