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There are approximately 18000 parents registered with CARA, while the number of children in the Government's adoption pool is less 1800.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Disappearing Daughters...

Though this blog is meant for promoting adoption, a recent statistical report about female mortality rate has forced me to this blog. It was mentioned in yesterday's edition of "THE HINDU" that nearly 10 lakh girl children are killed every year and many, many more are being aborted. There has been an alarming decline in the sex ratio(1000:827). This questions the basic ethical values upon which our culture is built.
Every girl child is a precious gift. Why then does such an evil persist in a land which sanctifies womanhood??. Every child is full of promise. Had the child survived, it would have turned out to be a Kalpana Chawla or a Sania Mirza.
If your unable to accept your girl child, why take away its life??.. Voluntarily giving away the child for adoption would turn out to be a boon to childless couples..
This is a little poem of mine on foeticide..

A Daughter's cry....
"I was cozily cuddled up
Feeling the warmth of your womb
Unmindful of the fact that
It would turn out to be my tomb.

From a mass of tissue
Growing up each day with your “bon succour”
Into a being full of life
Least expecting the great disaster to occur.

A child is a blessing from heaven
A girl child, even more precious
Protecting it from all odds is your forthright duty
How then could you commit a sin, so atrocious??.

A land where womanhood is sanctified
Rivers being named after women
But the birth of a girl child,
Is still considered an omen.

Let not this evil prevail
Nip not a child before it blooms
Strike foeticide at its roots
Lest our nation will fall to its doom."


Ruby said...

This message couldn't have been posted on a better day - 2nd October (Mahatma Gandhi's Birth Anniversary), a day that is to be observed as a day of non-violence. This is such a drastic crime, our country will have to think hard and soon to make a meaningful and balanced future for everyone.

The HOPE House said...

Here is a link to relevant article in today's (3rd October) Hindu newspaper. Here is the article: